Baku Business Training Center

  • The Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Ministry of Economy

 “Today we invest in human capital. Investment in education will enable our economy to develop skilled human capital through”.

Ilham Aliyev
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


13.06.2018, The workshop was held for entrepreneurs in Gazakh

The information on formation of business idea and preparation of business plan were delivered to the participants in the workshop which organized by the Baku Business Training Center of the Ministry of Economy


07.06.2018, Workshop organized for entrepreneurs in Lankaran

The workshop was organized by the Baku Business Training Center of the Ministry of Economy in-depth information on to develop areas of tea-growing, citrus and paddy growing, international experience field in research of marketing and so on were delivered to the participants

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Baku Business Training Center

Baku Business Training Center (BBTM) was established in 2007. Upgrading and expansion of the center regions, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activities in a systematic and ongoing training for beginners, advice, information services in order to ensure expansion of the Minister of Economic Development, dated 02 March 2009, the F-22 and 10 June, 2013 The F-56 is the number of commands to 7 cities and regions (Ganja, Gazakh, Yevlakh, Goychay, Lankaran, Shaki, Khachmaz) established missions, structure and staffing the new version was approved.